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As Right As Rain \\ Mufasa’s unforgettable April...
Kenyan poet steals the thunder as heavy rains poured in Nairobi and proves why he’s unrivaled artistically Readmore
\\ Uganda’s Jennipher Makumbi wins prestigious...
The writer steadily started her writing in East Africa with a brilliant tale of Ugandan history in her first award winning-novel Kintu. Readmore
Album Review \\ Nosizwe’s 'In Fragments'
It’s the unconventional amendable nature of her individualized music that keeps you tuned into Nosizwe Readmore
\\ Kenya bans ‘Rafiki’ film over its ‘homosexual...
Kenyan authorities ban historic film set to premier at the Cannes over it's gay theme Readmore
\\ Tanzania songstress Nandy stuns with...
After 'Kivuruge' and a somewhat long hiatus, Tanzanian singer continues to excite as she returns with yet another release Ninogeshe. Readmore
Starred \\ Interview with Kenyan artist Kahvinya
Conversation with Kenyan singer, songwriter Kahvinya on her music life and inspirations Readmore
\\ M.anifest releases visuals “Me Ne Woa”
Ghanaian hip-hop act M.anifest returns with stunning new visuals Me Ne Woa featuring King Promise. Readmore

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