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The Team


Musungu Okach

Senior Writer - Art&Style

Musungu Okach is Kenyan, the boy from the village ‘who eats books’ since way back he has been a book guy; he is a simple incognito writer who is always invisible even in small crowds.  He has been writing most of his life, he says Adili na Nduguze, Mabepari wa Venisi and Masaibu ya Ndugu Jero are the titles that sparked his craving for books. Musungu writes literature reviews, teaches poetry. He has authored a series of books waiting to be published. He runs his own award winning Educational Blog: He was feted for the Best Educational Blog at the 2015 Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) Awards. He loves meat but prefers the bone than the flesh itself.

Mercy Eni Wandera

Contributor, Music & All things culture


Mercy Eni Wandera is a young, opinionated and phenomenal woman with exquisite taste in all things Literature and good music. She loves to read and discover new authors of diverse genres. She believes African Literature has the most flowery and enticing stories and is a great deal fascinated by African writers, past and present.

She is a passionate upcoming writer and recently started putting my thoughts down onto her personal blog ( The blog is her empty canvas that itches for filling with her own poetry, juicy storytelling, music reviews and literature. She takes a great deal of pride in my writing.

The phenomenal writer is a lover of the arts, travel and pop culture, the first-born of three siblings and unmarried.

Her long term dream goal is to be a revered published Kenyan writer. Mercy wants to achieve this in the next 5 years, God-willing. However, even if things don’t pan out as planned, she’ll still be writing until she is pale and grey and all my fingers fall off.


Mabinda James

Brand and Advertising Manager

Mabinda James, we call him Jimdevix or just Davy, has always had his eyes set on the entertainment world. He is a music freak; his world revolves around business and everything e-procurement. He is a creative genius when it comes to “what appeals to the eye” and the man behind most of Afroway designs. In his free time James uses his ear for music and DJing skills to create mixtapes that occasionally run on our streaming platform. In matters football, you are likely to get along with this dude if you are an Arsenal fan.

Ombo D. Malumbe

Lead Legal Consultant

Ombo .D. Malumbe is the current Lead Legal Consultant at Ombo Consultancy. He is a holder of Legum Baccalaureus from Mount Kenya University School of Law, and now undertaking his Advocates Training Programme at Kenya School of Law.
As a student at Mount Kenya University, he was known for being an avid mooter. He has taken part in East African Region and African Regional moot court competitions, which were held in Nairobi, Kenya and Pretoria, South Africa respectively.
He is an enthusiast of Information Technology Law, Intellectual Property, International Trade Law and other imperative areas of law that are relative with the aforesaid areas of law.
He is working on structuring and establishing an Innovation Centre (Foundation) that will operate in Kenya on the pilot phase and across Africa as the programme is effected positively. Previously, he has worked with Kenyan Legal, Africa Law Times and International Youth Action Against Terrorism (on various leadership capacities).
Malumbe brings all this to Afroway drafting key legal documents and offers advice on various legal matters, while occasionally contributing articles on Technology and Cyber Law.

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