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\\ Kenya Poetry Slam readies for annual Poetry...
The main poetry event in Kenya has maintained a rather low profile in 2018, with the preliminaries being hosted at the Goethe Institut Theatre in Nairobi. Readmore
\\ Trabolee finds middle ground with ‘Telos’
Preaching To The Converted: Kenyan rapper Trabolee releases his fourth project. Readmore
\\ Kenya Poetry Slam Africa 2017 champ Kikete...
Afroway’s Musungu chat with Poetry Slam Africa 2017 winner in Kenya Kikete on his future plans and the upcoming participation in Africa Cup of Slam Poetry (ACSP).  Readmore
\\ Intellectual Property Law: Copyright &...
“It is important that when parties that intend to engage in an assignment of rights of a given music or film, the parties ought to be very particular on what rights are given in total, sparingly, or totally restricted” Readmore
\\ Tinga Tinga Tales musical headed for Broadway
Kenyan Musical Tinga Tinga tales is headed for Broadway, New York in mid-October.  Readmore
\\ The Collectors’ Treasury
Jo’Burg Store is a heaven for vinyl collectors and bookworms and boasts of millions of Books & thousands of vinyl and 78-rpms + antiquities. Readmore
Kensoul Experience \\ Interview with Liz Ogumbo
“It gives me joy and it brings joy to my soul when I’m able to bear out my soul and in return receive so much love, that’s the exchange, and that exchange only gives me a high” Readmore

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