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Art \\ In Search of Alternative Utopias: An...
'Everything here is Fake except the Cars' Readmore
Without a Trace\\ Dorphanage utilizes nostalgia...
Dorphan brings to light the pain and struggles we share or go through as human beings; broken families, love, hope and legacies we dream of leaving behind in a poetry showcase dubbed, ‘Without a Trace?’ Readmore
Album release \\ Chronixx releases debut album...
Jamaican Reggae sensation Chronixx has released his long awaited debut album Chronology. Readmore
Starred \\ Interview with Ugandan artist JC...
Ugandan artist JC Muyonjo has an EP out “If We Try”, a distinctive project, an introduction to who he is as an artist. Muyonjo is a multi-talented artist; a painter, singer and songwriter. He’s among notable soul artists from East Africa who are out to create their own distinct space. The singer talks candidly about his music, influences, personality and future plans. Readmore
4:44: Jay Z’s most candid project in recent times
Jay Z releases new album 4:44, his 13 album and a testament to his growth as an artist and family man Readmore
Album Review: Zakes Bantwini Love, Light &...
Zakes Bantwini has released a new album….Well a little over 5 days ago, the project is titled Love, Light & Music 2, and already a number 1 best seller on South African music charts Readmore
Art: Boniface Maina paints Kenya’s election...
The artist candidly evokes discussions on the extent a Kenyan politician would go to win an election. Readmore

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