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\\Interview with Tanzanian soul singer Topher Jaxx
Topher Jaxx speaks to Afroway on his music, art, inspirations and why making music is the best therapy for him Readmore
\\Maurice Kirya new release 'Anything You Like'
Ugandan soul singer Maurice Kirya the King of Mwooyo releases new single of upcoming album Free Dreams. Readmore
Wu Tang drops new album ‘The Saga Continues’
Wu comes together once again for the release of the anticipated new project crafted by DJ Mathematics Readmore
\\Interview With Burundian Poet Ivan Irakoze
Conversation with Ivan Irakoze, the talented Burundian poet currently living in Nairobi. Readmore
\\Monaja releases ‘Ukombozi’ an ode to redemption
Kenyan artist Monaja releases brazen track on the state of affairs in Kenya. Readmore
\\ Interview with Kenyan artist Suraj
Conversation with multitalented Kenyan electronic music producer & DJ Suraj Readmore
\\Butera Knowless drops new single “Uzagaruke”
Uzagaruke follows the hit single Winning Team Readmore

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