UEFA introduces changes to Champions League rules

The European soccer body UEFA has announced major changes to the Champions League rules, to take effect from the 2018-19 season. The new rules will see top four European leagues that is Primera Division, Bundesliga, Premier League and Serie A guaranteed four places each in group stages.

Currently top three leagues have three places each, with the fourth place being allocated after play offs.

There have been talks of a possible formation of a Super League without UEFA approval but there have been no indication to a possible formation. UEFA which currently has no president uses a complicated system to rank national leagues.

The new rules according to the press release are as follows:

- Retention of Champions and League route of qualifying in the UEFA Champions League ensuring that clubs from all associations can enter through their domestic leagues and qualify for both competitions.

- The UEFA Europa League winners will automatically qualify for the UEFA Champions League group-stage (currently they can potentially take part in a play-off round)

- The top four clubs from the four top-ranked national associations will now qualify automatically for the group stage of the UEFA Champions League.

- The full details of the access list for both competitions will be finalized by the end of the year.

- Financial distribution to clubs will be increased significantly for both competitions.

- A new four-pillar financial distribution system (starting fee, performance in the competition, individual club coefficient and market pool) will see sporting performances better rewarded, while market pool share will decrease.

- A new system for the club coefficients: clubs are judged on their own records (deletion of the country share for individual club coefficient unless that coefficient is lower than 20% of the association’s coefficient). Historical success in the competition will also be acknowledged in coefficient calculation (points for previous European titles with a weighted system for UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League titles)

- Creation of a subsidiary company which will play a strategic role in determining the future and the management of club competitions: UEFA Club Competitions SA, where half of the managing directors will be appointed by UEFA and the other half by the ECA.

Photo Courtesy: UEFA

Source: UEFA